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Other Catholic Funding Agencies

German agency assisting the Latin American church.


707-bdBroederlijk Delen
The Flemish Catholic Lenten fund.


707-cccCatholic Communication Campaign
The US-National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB/USCC).


707-cmmbCatholic Medical Mission Board
US-based Catholic charity focused exclusively on global health care.


707-cfcaChristian Foundation for Children and Aging
A child sponsorship organisation.


Catholic Near East Welfare Association.


The umbrella organisation of the Dutch Catholic agencies Bilance, Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Vastenaktie.


707-dkaDreikönigsaktion (DKA) der Katholischen Jungschar Österreichs
The development agency of the Austrian Catholic youth organisation


707-hiltonHilton Fund for Sisters
Funds specifically to support the apostolic work of Roman Catholic sisters.


707-kindermissionKindermissionswerk (PMK)
The German missionary agency for children.


707-acnKirche in Not
Aid to the Church in Need, an International Catholic Pastoral Agency based in Königstein (Germany).


707-marymackillopMary Mackillop Foundation
Supporting projects in rural and isolated communities, indigenous groups, people with disabilities and those forgotten by society throughout Australia.


The German Catholic development agency.


707-missiodkMissio Aachen
German missionary agency assisting pastoral initiatives in Africa, Asia and Oceania.


707-missiodkMissio München
The international missionary agency of the Catholic Church within the Bavarian Bishops' Conference collaborating with local Churches in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


707-mzfMissionszentrale der Franziskaner
German Franciscan missionary service.



Missionary Vehicle Association.


The German Catholic solidarity action for Central and Eastern Europe.


707-fastenopferSchweizer Fastenopfer
The Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund.


More Catholic funding agencies can also be found from these websites:

Catholic Biblical Federation

Catholic Funding Guide (frequently asked questions)

Catholic Near East Welfare Assoiation

Chiesa Cattolica Italiana


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