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Give a gift wrapped in love!

Welcome to Catholic Mission’s ‘Life-Giving Gifts’, the catalogue for people who are passionate about making a difference globally, and where you can find a selection of gifts that will truly have a lasting impact for those in desperate need around the world.

How do gifts work?

When you purchase a Life-Giving Gift, your donation to Catholic Mission goes towards the support of many projects worldwide that help improve the lives of children and communities in need, and support the training of church leaders in developing countries. You will receive a beautifully designed printed card portraying the photo of the gift you have purchased, plus some information about what your gift represents. The card will be posted to you and you will be able to write your own personal message on it before giving it to your loved one. Please allow seven business days to receive your cards. Alternatively you can choose to order your gifts online and send your loved one an e-card either immediately or on a designated date.

How does my gift contribute to the funded projects?

The gifts featured throughout the catalogue are representative of the life-changing projects we support throughout the world in each category: ‘Give Life to Children’, ‘Give Life to Communities’, and ‘Give Life through Church Leaders’. When you purchase your Life-Giving Gift, your donation will be pooled into the general children, community or church leader’s fund, and will support a range of similar projects in that category.



One laying hen for an orphanage

Your gift of a hen will help an orphanage in Peru by providing meals for the children, training on how to raise hens, and income from selling the eggs.

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Textbooks for two primary school children for one year

Your gift will provide two primary school children living in squatter’s areas of the Philippines, with fundamental textbooks so they can attend school and have a brighter future.

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A nourishing daily meal for 25 children

Your gift will provide 25 children at the Verbist Care Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Medications and supplies for a whole community

Your gift will provide two weeks supply of medication to combat life-threatening diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis, to a local clinic in Zambia that serves a community of over two hundred people.

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Dressing and bandages for a leprosy patient

Your gift will provide the dressing, bandages and much-needed care for one leprosy patient in the South of India for a whole year.

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A sewing machine for a young disadvantaged woman

This gift will provide the Marialaya Children’s Home in India with one sewing machine and stool, so that girls rescued from child labour and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds can learn professional skills, crucial for them to gain financial independence and break the cycle of poverty they often fall into due to lack of education.

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Agricultural skills for Seminarians

In many countries around the world, seminaries have limited resources and struggle to provide just the very basic needs of the hard-working seminarians.

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Fuel for community outreach

Your gift will enable nuns, priests and other church leaders to cover the cost of 100 litres of fuel that they use to reach out and give life to remote villages in Peru.

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Annual religious text books for one seminarian

Your gift will provide the required yearly religious text books for one seminarian in Zambia, including a study Bible, daily office prayer book and one liturgical sacrament.

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Life-Giving Gifts

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