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Ride to Reach Out


What is this adventure?

Fill your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of Cambodia, with its changing landscapes and colourful culture. Arriving in Siem Reap, over the next 12 days you will embark on an incredible cycling adventure, with every kilometre revealing new splendour.

From hidden jungle temples and sugar-palm plantations to ancient ruins and bustling cities, on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure you will cycle beyond the city limits into the unfolding countryside: through rice paddies, sugar-palm plantations and small villages where children run out to greet you.

Best of all, as part of this incredible adventure, you will raise vital funds for Catholic Mission to continue facilitating education projects in Cambodia, and see firsthand some of these life-changing projects.

How can I register for the Ride to Reach Out?

Anyone interested in participating in the Ride to Reach Out can receive a free information pack by clicking here. The information pack includes the full 12-day trip itinerary as well as information about Cambodia and the work of Catholic Mission there. Places are limited, and you can secure yours by registering today.

How can I support participants who have registered for the Ride to Reach Out?


If you are unable to personally join the Ride to Reach Out, but still want to make a real difference, you can make a donation by clicking here.

Participants are encouraged to fundraise a minimum of $3,500 each, and you can help them reach this fundraising target.

Participants will visit projects which have either received funding from Catholic Mission in the past, or will receive future funding thanks to your support.




2018 Church Appeal Kit



The 2018 Catholic Mission Church Appeal highlights the important work of Catholic Mission in Myanmar; through programs aimed to improve education for children, specifically through teacher training and the implementation of alternative, child-centred education around the country.

Parishioners are invited to reach out through their financial gifts and prayers in support of the work of the Church in Myanmar, as they support education and the training of teachers, even in the most remote and disadvantaged areas.

Together we can help heal a nation through education by supporting education in Myanmar and all around the world.

Parish Resources
The parish resources have been created to help your parish conduct a successful Catholic Mission Church Appeal, and include the following:

  • Parish Kit – includes opening and closing prayers, parish bulletin notices, speakers' notes and ideas, and homily notes.
  • Poster – to be put up in your church prior to the appeal weekend.
  • Video – to be played during mass on the appeal weekend (if AV facilities are available).
  • Appeal Envelope – to be placed in the pews on the appeal weekend.
  • Summary Form – easy-to-use form to reconcile donations.


The parish poster features a young girl with one of the PSIE-trained teachers at St John's School in the remote town of Hakha, using educational materials during the school day.

The 2018 Catholic Mission Church Appeal focuses on the work of the Church in supporting teachers working in remote communities in Myanmar, giving children a quality, child-focused education.

We encourage you to display the poster in your parish in the weeks leading up to your Catholic Mission Church Appeal, including on the pulpit on the appeal weekend.

The Scripture quote from Isaiah 52:7 'How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news...' captures the essence of this work of mission in Myanmar, proclaiming peace and bringing good news.

The video 'Healing a nation through education' shows the positive change being effected in a new school in Hakha, a remote town in Myanmar's mountainous north. The teachers, trained at the Catholic Mission-supported Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education (PSIE), bring a whole new style of child-centred education to the classroom, ensuring the 50 children in their care have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and reach their potential. The video also takes you into the suburbs of Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, where the engine room of this education revolution can be found. One of the new training centres, PSIE has trained and assigned over 140 teachers to remote schools all around the country in the decade since its inception in 2007. Cardinal Charles Maung Bo S.D.B., an outspoken advocate for education and peace in Myanmar, speaks to the importance of this life-changing program and the support it receives from Catholic Mission.

The video is an inspirational fundraising and formation resource for your Catholic Mission Church Appeal.

Appeal Envelope

During the 2018 Catholic Mission Church Appeal, parishioners are invited to reach out to help in healing a nation by enabling the Church in Myanmar to provide, as part of its works of mission, high quality education for children across the country, through supporting schools and teacher training.

Parishioners are given the opportunity to support the work of Catholic Mission through becoming a monthly partner of the work in Myanmar, or giving a one-off gift. Parishioners can obtain a tax-deductible receipt for gifts given to our community development programs, while gifts to our faith programs are non-tax-deductible.

Personal details are required for all credit card, direct debit, tax-deductible and monthly donations. In addition, all parishioners are encouraged to include their personal details, so they can be personally thanked for their generous support.

Please ensure that enough appeal envelopes for every expected parishioner are placed along every pew in your parish church, along with the same number of pencils, prior to each mass on the appeal weekend. Make sure to restock envelopes after each mass as this helps drive a successful appeal.

Parish Bulletins
Bulletin notices have been created to help your parish promote this year's Catholic Mission Church Appeal. Parish bulletins are an effective method to inform parishioners about the upcoming appeal, and a nice way to thank them for their generosity and support following the appeal weekend.

Summary form
The summary form makes it easy for your parish to reconcile the money raised through your Catholic Mission Church Appeal. By filling in the summary sheet using the three simple steps below, you can ensure that parishioners receive the acknowledgement and receipts they need.
• Collect donations and reconcile by completing the Summary Form.
• Bank cash donations and write a cheque to 'Catholic Mission' for total cash donations (this is very important as Catholic Mission is not able to collect cash).
• Post the completed paperwork and appeal envelopes (including Summary Form, completed appeal envelopes, individual cheques and parish cheque for cash donations, and a copy of the deposit slip) to the postal address of your diocesan director.

Church Appeal 2016

Header Image

Yes, I would like to give life and a new future to the least of these children!

In the poorest and most disadvantaged communities of Cambodia, and other developing countries all across the world, children are always the most vulnerable.

Many cannot attend school because they have to care for their younger siblings while their parents work long hours to earn barely enough to survive. Some children are even forced to work themselves to help support the family.



$75 provides daily meals for 13 children for one week so they can receive vital nutrition to grow up healthy and strong, and to be able to focus and concentrate as they learn their ABCs.
Click here to donate now.


$528 pays for the stipend of one teacher for two months. Local teachers, who know the dialect and the culture of the communities, manage the educational programs, so they can interact better with the children for a more efficient formation.
Click here to donate now.


$400 allows 33 children coming from disadvantaged communities to receive an education for one year in literacy, health, hygiene, human rights and also to be provided with educational material such as stationery, books and notebooks.
Click here to donate now


$1,440 covers the cost of equipment and training for one local teacher for one year so they can provide the best formation to children coming from disadvantaged communities and enable them to have a hope-filled future.
Click here to donate now.

Additional Content

Watch the Church Appeal
video, click here.

Parish Kit
Access the 2016 Church
Appeal Kit, click here.

Church Appeal 2018

Please support the people of Myanmar build their nation for future generations.

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Min Min, the second youngest of six children, understands the value of education, and wants to ensure that no child has to go through what she has been through.

At just six years old, Min Min (with her mother and five siblings), was struggling through the jungle, travelling between villages to keep safe amidst the tense struggle for a ceasefire agreement between the government and armed groups. After two days of walking, with no food or fresh water, they finally came to a village where they could rest. However, their safety was not guaranteed for long, and they were quickly advised to continue moving to find a different place to live.

Distressingly, this is a common story of many people in Myanmar.

When Min Min was 12, her mother passed away, leaving the children in the care of their local parish, which was extremely supportive, especially of the education of the children. Min Min was able to go to school for Kindergarten and Year 1, and then moved to Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, to continue her education until Year 10, when she went on to learn English.

Min Min contributed to the parish through volunteering with the recently opened middle school, which is where her love for teaching began. After learning about the Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education (PSIE), where young men and women are taught child-centred teaching methodologies, Min Min knew she wanted to learn there, and applied to study at the centre.

PSIE made a huge impact on Min Min's life; she learnt new skills to help her teaching. Last year, Min Min was posted in a remote village to complete her practical training, and was able to use these skills to support each child with their needs. This village had a lot of poor children who often had no money for food, and some children were sick with diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Min Min wanted to give these children the opportunity to learn and benefit from education, just as she had thanks to the care of her parish.

Min Min is thankful for her training at PSIE. When she graduates from the program with a Diploma of Education, she would like to return to the school in the remote village where she completed her practical training.

Your support of the work of PSIE and the Church in Myanmar enables this revolution of education, a revolution of love, peace, and good news.

Click here to make a difference today!

Catholic Mission Seminarian Appeal 2016

Header Image

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and valuable support
towards the work of Catholic Mission in 2015!

In 1999, a referendum was held in Timor-Leste, where nearly 80 percent of voters elected to free the nation from 25 years of Indonesian occupation. During the week following this historic vote, the Timorese people suffered savage and horrendous violence, which left the nation in a state of severe physical and emotional tatters. Although time has healed many of the physical wounds, a scar on the nation’s soul still lingers. In the present day, Timor-Leste struggles to overcome a combination of potentially destructive social issues, ranging from widespread unemployment to poverty and endemic domestic violence.

It is only with your support that seminarians like Zaccarias can help the nation—where 97 per cent of the population identify with the Catholic faith—move forward, bringing the Good News to the people, breaking the devastating cycles of poverty, and helping Timor-Leste rise from the ashes into new light.

With your support these young men will also learn to be pragmatic leaders who can help their local parishes solve practical problems, such as the accessibility to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Brian Lucas
National Director


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