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Our Vision: "Life for All"


"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full"

— John 10:10

God reaches out to all people offering “life... to the full”. Catholic Mission shares the dream of our Creator God from before time began, seeing all people as made in the Creator’s image and that they know God truly loves them.

That full life is available to all people through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, dying and rising to life so each of us can have a personal relationship with our loving Creator.

All people are gifted with great potential for growth to reach fullness of life and joy, and are worthy of respect. Catholic Mission shares the Church’s responsibility for a world where all people, free from any discrimination and free from all barriers to life, can reach their full potential and experience God’s love. This will allow all to live their lives in full dignity, as the Creator God intends.

Part of that responsibility is Catholic Mission’s commitment to encourage Australians to get involved with and support mission.

As world renowned Catholic missiologist Stephen Bevans SVD says, “Church does not so much have a mission as that the mission has a church. The church is not about itself; it is about the Reign of God that it preaches, serves and witnesses to, and this makes all the difference.”*

That mission is relevant, active and universal. “God reaching out” is central to the Gospel-centred vision and values of Catholic Mission. God’s mission is universal, or “Catholic”, and He initiates it. God reaches out and through His touch gives life to all people. Each of us also has a responsibility to reach out to others and each other, showing God at work through people.

* ‘The Mission has a Church, the Mission has Ministers’, Bevans, 2009

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