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Church Appeal 2017


Help give life where there is needless loss and grief

In July last year, as Evas went into labour, her only option to reach the nearest health facility was to travel for hours on the back of a motorbike. Living on the outskirts of the small rural town of Bujuni, three hours west of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, Evas did not have access to an ambulance, or a car for that matter.

Evas was not just holding on for her own life, but that of her unborn child. Distressingly, as day turned to night, Evas’ fear and uncertainty descended into unthinkable grief and her dream of finally becoming a mother soon became her worst nightmare. That night Evas gave birth to a beautiful son, however tragically, the impact from the long bumpy journey was too much, and after just two days in hospital, Evas’ baby boy died. Such needless loss and grief could have been prevented if Evas had been travelling in an ambulance rather than on a motorbike.



$75 enables one catechist to provide catechism lessons to the community, for one year, helping mothers and their families grow in their spiritual life. Click here to donate now.


Your own contribution towards building a convent where religious sisters like Sister Mary can live, eat, pray and reflect while they take a break from their vital work, including their work for mothers and babies. The total cost of building a convent is $34,800. Click here to donate now.


$450 covers the salary of a midwife for six months. Midwives are critical to ensure the safe delivery of babies and the sustained health outcomes of new mothers and their babies. Click here to donate now


Your own contribution toward the cost of an ambulance, ensuring that people in remote areas can reach health facilities in a safe and timely manner during labour and in the event of emergencies. The total cost of an ambulance is $71,504. Click here to donate now.

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Parish Kit
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Seminarian Appeal

Seminarian Appeal 2017


‘O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still
proclaim your wondrous deeds.’
Psalm 71:17

Having grown up in Myanmar, 26-year-old seminarian Nicholas Nerius knows all too well the violence and unrest resulting from his country being in the grips of one of the longest-running civil wars the world has seen. Although much of the fighting has stopped, there is another urgent crisis facing the people… Click here to read more...

Non-tax-deductible Donations
Non-tax-deductible Donations
Non-tax-deductible Donations
Non-tax-deductible Donations
Non-tax-deductible Donations
Non-tax-deductible Donations

Christmas Appeal 2016

Christmas 2016


"I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger"
John 6:35

Christmas is a time of anticipation and joy, a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and for family and friends to come together over a meal to share about the good things that have happened during the year. 

For many families enduring food shortages in southern Ethiopia, the anticipation of Christmas brings a sense of hope for their under-nourished children. Caring for them, and not being able to help, is heart-breaking. Ethiopian communities hope this Christmas for immediate and long-term sustainable nutrition for their suffering children… a hope your faith-filled Christmas-gift can bring to life.

After walking for three hours from her mountain hut in the scorching morning heat, Yennesh, a young mother from the hills area of Hawassa, in southern Ethiopia, arrives at the gate of the Bushulo Health Centre. She clutches her two young children, Girma - her son who is almost three years old, and Yesh - her daughter aged eight months, and quietly takes her place in the long queue, hoping to see a doctor. Both her children are suffering from acute malnutrition caused by a lack of access to healthy food, including leafy green vegetables. As it’s nearly Christmas, Yennesh looks up and says a silent prayer, asking God for His mercy and help, as she needs to get food and medicine for her weak and hungry children before it’s too late. 

This was Yennesh and her family just seven years ago. With her children suffering from acute malnutrition, Yennesh’s only Christmas wish was to be able to save their lives.

Click here to read more.

Non-tax $50

$48 provides nutritious meals for 88 children at the day care centre run by the Canossian Sisters for three days, helping reduce malnutrition and maintain good health.
Donate now.

Non-tax $595

$320 provides lessons on health, parenting and value formation for 51 people for two months, helping build stronger, more caring and healthier communities.

Donate now.

Tax $300

$420 provides life-saving medication for 36 children with tuberculosis for two weeks.

Donate now.

Tax $1,392

$1,350 covers the salary of a trained nurse at the Canossian Health and Social Centre for four months. 


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Seminarian Appeal 2018


Pakistan is a country with diverse religious beliefs, with Catholics making up less than one percent of the population. Distressingly, there is a high level of religious tension in Pakistan, with many young Christians facing difficulty gaining a good education in a safe environment due to discrimination.

Thankfully, missionaries - including priests and seminarians - are working on the ground as pastoral leaders in these communities, and are sometimes seen as the conduit between the people and government.

A seminarian from Pakistan, Amoon Nathaniel, knew he wanted to become a priest to help his community maintain and grow their faith when he was 15 years old.

Amoon and his father stood on the roof of the presbytery, watching their church burning. The feeling of helplessness and sense of danger left him in tears. The next day Amoon and his fellow parishioners rallied around to begin to repair their church. “They were all crying and upset”, he said, “but they were determined not to be defeated by their fear.

Amoon shared with me that each day in Pakistan is a struggle for Christians, and priests are needed to guide and keep unity in faith. His fear is that without priests there would no longer be Christians in Pakistan.


“I want to see a developed Pakistan where above all religions, humanity should be respected.”


Amoon and Adil are young men full of hope and encouragement, who, like other seminarians in Pakistan, want to make a difference and help their local community to build a more peaceful and accepting society. You can help seminarians like them become pastoral leaders in the Church.


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World Mission Appeal Kit


The 2016 Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal is inspired by the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, ‘Lord, make me an instrument of your peace’. This appeal invites parishioners to reach out through their financial gifts and prayers to support the work of Mercy Works that, thanks to its partnership with Catholic Mission, is raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence in Papua New Guinea.

Violence, and in particular domestic violence, is sadly not uncommon in families around the world. In recent years, in Australia, significant campaigns have raised awareness of domestic violence and tried to bring out into the open this often sensitive and stigmatised issue. In Papua New Guinea domestic violence is just as real as it is in our country. Coupled with poverty and isolation, and the fact that it has yet to become as public as it is in Australia, its effects are especially dire.

With your support of Catholic Mission, you can help Mercy Works train inspirational local community leaders like Steven Dude, so they can engage with communities experiencing family and domestic violence by listening, caring and advocating, and allow them to find peace through mercy.

Please note: to view the resources, click on the title in the headings below. Some of the files are large in size and may take a while to view/download.

 +  Parish Resources - Parish Resources

PROP16-Church-Appeal-KitThe parish resources have been created to help your parish conduct a successful Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal, and include the following:

  • Parish Kit – includes opening and closing prayers, parish bulletin notices, speakers’ notes and ideas, and homily notes.
  • Poster – to be put up in your church prior to the appeal weekend.
  • Appeal Envelope – to be placed in the pews on the appeal weekend.
  • Summary Form – easy-to-use form to reconcile donations.

Click here to download the Parish Resources (includes PDF and Miscrosoft Word).

 + Poster - Poster

PROP16-Church-Appeal-Kit-PosterThe parish poster features Steven Dude and Jacinta*, who are both past victims of domestic abuse. United by their shared experiences, Steven and Jacinta are wounded healers—instruments of peace—helping others to turn away from violence and bring positive change to their communities.

Click here to download the appeal poster PDF.

Click here to download the appeal poster Microsoft Word.


*Names have been changed to protect identity.




 + Appeal Envelope - Appeal Envelope

PROP16-Church-Appeal-Kit-EnvelopeDuring the 2016 Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal, parishioners are invited to support the work of Mercy Works in Papua New Guinea. With the help of Catholic Mission, Mercy Works train inspirational community leaders, like Steven Dude, so they can engage with communities experiencing family and domestic violence, helping them heal wounds and find peace through mercy.

Parishioners are given the opportunity to support the work of Catholic Mission with a single gift or on a monthly basis. Parishioners can obtain a tax deductible receipt for gifts given to our community development programs, while gifts to our faith programs are non-tax-deductible.

Personal details are required for all credit card, direct debit, tax-deductible and monthly donations. In addition, all parishioners are encouraged to include their personal details, so they can be personally thanked for their generous support.

Please ensure that enough appeal envelopes for every expected parishioner are placed along every pew in your parish church, along with the same number of pencils, prior to each mass on the appeal weekend. Make sure to restock envelopes after each mass as this helps drive a successful appeal.

Click here to download the appeal envelope PDF.

 + Parish Bulletins - Parish Bulletins

PROP16-Church-Appeal-Kit-Bulletins Bulletin notices have been created to help your parish promote this year’s Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal. Parish bulletins are an effective method to inform parishioners about the upcoming appeal, and a nice way to thank them for their generosity and support following the appeal weekend.

Click here to download the parish bulletins PDF.

Click here to download the parish bulletins Microsoft Word.

 + Summary Form - Summary Form

PROP16-Church-Appeal-Kit-Summary-FormThe Summary Form makes it easy for your parish to reconcile the money raised through your Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal. By filling in the summary sheet using the three simple steps below, you can ensure that parishioners receive the acknowledgement and receipts they need.

  • Collect donations and reconcile by completing the Summary Form.
  • Bank cash donations and write a cheque to ‘Catholic Mission’ for total cash donations (this is very important as Catholic Mission is not able to collect cash).
  • Post the completed paperwork and appeal envelopes (including Summary Form, completed appeal envelopes, individual cheques and parish cheque for cash donations, and a copy of the deposit slip) to the postal address of your diocesan director.

Click here to download the summary form PDF.

Click here to download the summary form Micosoft Word.


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