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World Mission Month 2012

In 2009, typhoon ‘Ondoy’ ripped through the Philippines, destroying the simple make-shift homes and livelihoods of countless families. In the poor community of Sitio Ronggot, the inundation lasted three long and terrifying months.

Youtube-Button_ASister Maureen was one of the first to see the devastation ‘Ondoy’ left behind. Having lost everything they worked so hard for, albeit minimal, the community was at their lowest point. Sister Maureen was overwhelmed by their severe sense of hopelessness.

Even though Catholic Mission is not primarily an emergency aid fund, our missionaries like Sister Maureen, were able to offer spiritual, pastoral and practical care immediately following the disaster, and then develop strong relationships with the community to provide longer term support including livelihood regeneration, housing relocation and construction of a multipurpose chapel, which in a beautiful way helped unite the community.

Every year, severe typhoons and flooding affect large areas of the Philippines. We desperately need your help to enable missionaries like Sister Maureen to restore hope to communities in desperate need by sharing the grace of a loving God.

Jervin_New_Home_01Jervin Aliling and his family lost everything in the typhoon. Click here to see Jervin's new home and how it compares to the average Australian home. This drawing shows the size of the new house his family of six were able to relocate to with the help of Catholic Mission.

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Catholic Mission (ABN 52 945 927066) is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipientwith charity status. We are endorsed to access Income Tax Exemption underSubdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


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Every day, Sister Maureen, an Australian Franciscan Missionary of Mary, who has been living and working in Ethiopia for several years, sees many people who can hardly secure themselves one meal a day and are at great risk of diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Father Yisehak, himself a young local Ethiopian priest of only 30 years of age, has been with his people through the worst of the famine, for he knows that the people’s need is not just physical— they are also hungry for God’s daily bread.

Become a 'Friends in Faith' supporter from as little as $18 a month and help Sr. Maureen and Fr. Yisehak to care for the people living in extreme poverty and distress in Ethiopia— feeding them... Body and soul.

A lot more still needs to be done and many more people are still waiting for our help today.

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