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Volunteering Opportunities


Volunteer and paid opportunities with Catholic or linked organisations.

Disclaimer: While these are reputable Catholic organisations Catholic Mission strongly recommends you carefully assess any organisation and the risks involved in the assigned role before agreeing to any employment or volunteering, particularly volunteering overseas.




Catholic Mission Immersions


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The Catholic Mission Immersion program invites suitable applicants from Queensland, NSW and Victoria, to act as volunteer facilitators to lead teams. These teams travel domestically and internationally usually for 10-12 days at a time. To qualify to be a team leader you must hold a clearance to work with children and a National Criminal Check. Ideally candidates are retired or semi retired with an educational background.

For more information please contact:

Patrick Fox,
Immersions Education Manager
T: 02 9919 7825
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Kerrigan, Immersions Business Manager
T: 02 9919 7824
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Visit AITECE website

The Association for International Teaching, Educational and Curriculum Exchange (AITECE Ltd) is an independent, non-profit, international organization which recruits and sponsors teachers to provide English exposure to tertiary students in China so that a dialogue may develop and grow. It looks for people with a sense of service and a respect for different cultures. We seek good English teachers who are prepared not to make money, and give their expertise to others in need of it.


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Palms Australia


Visit Palms Australia website

Palms Australia recruits, prepares, sends and supports skilled volunteers to reduce global poverty, at the request of our partner communities in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.


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Kimberley Catholic Volunteers


Visit Catholic Diocese of Broome website

The Diocese of Broome is a faith community that serves the Mission of the Church. It is committed to justice, reconciliation and peace in our land. Catholic Volunteers play an important role in the life of the Diocese and the individual parishes in which they serve. Do you have skills you believe would be useful in the Diocese? People appropriately qualified and experienced in parish pastoral work are always keenly sought.


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Edmund Rice Volunteers


Visit Edmund Rice website

Edmund Rice Volunteers are, by definition, volunteers who have been recruited, prepared and supported during and after their placement period by an Oceania Province recognised scheme, currently called the Edmund Rice Volunteer Scheme (ERVS). They are generally volunteering with Edmund Rice Ministries or with associated programmes in partnership with the Edmund Rice Network or Oceania Province.

Volunteers have been a part of Edmund Rice Ministries for many years. The Edmund Rice Volunteer scheme was established in 2001 in Australia and New Zealand and so far over 100 volunteers have been placed and supported.

Through volunteering within the ERV Scheme it is explicit that the volunteer is participating in the justice and development work of the Edmund Rice Network, Oceania Province, the Congregation of the Christian Brothers and the Catholic Church.


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Jesuit Refugee Service Australia


Visit JRS website OR more information on volunteering

From time to time, JRS Australia places Australian-based professionals with JRS projects abroad. These people work in either an employed or a voluntary capacity.


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Lasallian Foundation


Visit Lasallian Foundation website

We are continously assessing projects in India, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Pakistan to evaluate their appropriateness for the volunteer program.


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Lasallian Youth Ministry "Share the Mission"


Visit Lasallian Youth Ministry website

"Share the Mission" invites Lasallian young adults to share with Brothers and Partners in critical ministries and community living. Volunteers in partnership will deepen the impact of the District Mission especially to very disadvantaged young people. They broaden Lasallian community lifestyle. They challenge all to renew themselves in their Lasallian vocation.


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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Visit Missionaries of the Sacred Heart website OR more information on volunteering



Placements are for up to 3 months
Since the commencement of the Mission Office,we have had lay volunteers go overseas with the following skills:
• Architect who designed a cathedral
• Surveyor who did work in PNG and Kiribati
• Nurses
• Teachers
• Plumbers
• Builders
• Rotarians
• Members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul
• Seminarians
• Administration/Accountants



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Catholic Education Office Western Australia Remote Schools


Visit Catholic Education (WA) website OR more information on employment

Western Australia is a place of great beauty and diversity and many Catholic schools are located in communities that are some of the most remote in the world. A number of these schools have a predominantly Aboriginal population. Not surprisingly these schools are distinctively different from other schools in terms of:
• isolation
• distance from a town centre
• distance from Perth
• educational needs
• cultural, social, climatic and recreational environments
We invite you to come into our remote schools to experience the difference and make a difference!


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Northern Territory Remote Schools


Visit Catholic Education Office (NT) website OR more information on volunteering

Indigenous Catholic Community Schools:

The peak period of employment for these schools is July-September for positions in the
following year.

Advertisements are placed in interstate and local papers as well as on the internet in early July with applications closing in mid August. Applications received are forwarded to principals for short listing. Prospective staff are interviewed during mid September in all capital cities.

Interviews for positions that become available during the year are usually done by phone interview.

Applications can be sent to CEO at anytime during the year.


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Getting Involved Locally


Getting Involved Locally (GIL) Homework Program

Imagine how difficult it would be to do your homework if you had minimal English and your parents didn’t speak English at all. Combine this with trying to look after younger siblings and do housework and you’ve got a recipe for underachieving.

Catholic Mission’s GIL (Getting Involved Locally) Homework Program aims to break this cycle by using volunteers to support schoolchildren in need. While many Australian children spend their afternoons playing sport and enjoying other pastimes, the reality is very different for some.

Take the story of 11-year-old Achan, who escaped war in Sudan with her family. After a day at school, Achan walks home with three younger siblings. Without a father in the household, Achan’s mother has to work in a factory to feed and clothe her family: the majority of house work is left to Achan. Without support or time at home, Achan has trouble doing her homework.

Seven-year-old Deng is another example. He is in his first year at school and is two years older than the other children in his class. After school he looks after his younger brother while his older sister cooks for the family. There is no one to help with his schoolwork, which is lagging behind because he can barely speak English.

An educated, English-speaking volunteer would be a great help to children such as Achan and Deng.

And it is through the GIL Program that Catholic Mission is pairing up volunteers with children.

The program is designed to help children from diverse backgrounds, with homework and other assessments.

The program has also provided a fulfilling and rewarding experience for volunteers. Catholic Mission is currently running the GIL program in the dioceses of Sydney, Broken Bay and Parramatta in NSW.

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