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Workplace Giving


There has never been a better time to give, so don't delaytake action today!

How to get started

Just fill out a Catholic Mission Workplace Giving Registration formand hand it to your payroll administrator!

Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees to assist Catholic Mission in delivering services to vulnerable communities via regular payroll deductions. Once established, Workplace Giving provides both Catholic Mission and your organisation with a low cost and low maintenance way to support our Children's Mission Partners program.

How it works

Workplace Giving donations are deducted from employees' salary before tax is applied, thus reducing the tax they need to pay. As donations are made pre-tax, it only costs each employee 52 cents for every dollar they pledge*. The Australian Taxation Office effectively makes up the balance.
*based on a marginal tax rate of 48.5%

  • Employees agree to participate in the program by donating a regular amount each payas much or as little as they like. All donations of $2 or over are eligible pre-taxation components.
  • The money is deducted from the employees’ salaries via the payroll systempre-tax.
  • Catholic Mission provides a tax receipt to the business after the end of the financial year.

No amount is too small to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people.

What are the benefits of Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving programs provide a unique set of benefits for employers, employees and Catholic Mission:


  • Workplace Giving provides a low-cost, simple way to build employee morale and loyalty.
  • Participating in Workplace Giving is also a great way for businesses to show corporate social responsibility. It demonstrates that a business is committed ethically and commercially to the economic and social development of communities and families worldwide. This in turn sends positive signals to shareholders, employees and customers.


  • It is easyonly one form needs to be filled out by nominating employees to specify the donation amount for each pay period.
  • It is flexibleemployees can join, alter or withdraw at any time.
  • Employees are able to make donations to Catholic Mission in an efficient and tax-effective manner, eliminating the need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund.
  • Your donations are made from your pre-tax salary. This reduces the amount of tax you have to pay but doesn’t affect the amount you are giving to Catholic Mission.

Catholic Mission:

  • Workplace Giving greatly reduces Catholic Mission’s administration costs because we only process one donation for each employer, and there is no need to issue receipts to the individual employees who make the donations. Therefore, more money reaches our local project partners who need it most.
  • Your donation supports child-focused community-based development programs which serve as the starting point for breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty and inequality.

How to set up Workplace Giving

  1. Ask your employer to include Catholic Mission as a part of their Workplace Giving program.
  2. Download the Catholic Mission Workplace Giving Registration form, complete the form and give it to your payroll department.
  3. Your donation (you determine the amount) is deducted from your pre-tax salary each pay period.
  4. Your employer will provide documentation of your donations.
  5. If you wish you can receive updates from Catholic Mission about the people you will be supporting.

A little contribution from each pay can support any of the following projects:

  • Community-based kindergartens and schools
  • Vocational training
  • Water and sanitation
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Emergency and disaster risk reduction
  • Social enterprises
  • Microfinance
  • Community-based health care
  • Women empowerment


Catholic Mission is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and is registered on the
Australian Business Register.


More information?

For Government information on the latest Workplace Giving Guidelines, visit the Australian Taxation Office.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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