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Home Mission Fund

521Catholic Mission distributes money to support the work of the Church in the large rural dioceses of Australia which have significant Aboriginal populations, in the main supporting the general Aboriginal apostolate in Armidale, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, Geraldton, Port Pirie, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville and Wilcannia-Forbes.

One third of the of monies raised each year by Catholic Mission in our work with Communities, remains in Australia for what is known as the Home Mission. The following are some specific projects that have been supported by the Home Mission Fund.


Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral,
Broome Diocese is the largest recipient from the Home Mission Fund. Apart from Broome, the area is economically depressed, although Kununarra is enjoying growing prosperity with the Ord Valley Irrigation project. However, most of the new found wealth does not trickle down to the people who remain at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. Catholic Mission has provided approximately 50% of the total annual diocesan budget for the last 5 years. The Broome Diocese has the second largest number of ATSI Catholics, and the highest proportion of ATSI Catholics, of all Home Mission Fund dioceses.

Some of the funds support the priests and bishop of the diocese with the challenges of travelling immense distances to carry out their pastoral duties, and the religious sisters of three communities. Some Indigenous Catholic communities only have the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist three times a year, due to their remoteness. The upkeep of an aging fleet of vehicles causes an unavoidable ongoing strain on the diocesan budget.

Some of the funds contribute to stipends for priests and religious in the following parishes: Broome, Balgo-Kutjungka, Dampier Peninsula, Halls Creek, Bidyadanga-La Grange, Kununurra, Wyndham and Derby. A number of these priests and religious are actively involved in ministry to Aboriginal communities

The Mirrilingki Spirituality Centre

Our From the Left: Front sign of the Mirrilingki Spirituality Centre; the main building; the Chapel

The Mirrilingki Spirituality Centre, a cross-cultural Catholic centre in the Kimberley region, also receives support from the Home Mission Fund. Mirrilingki provides training for lay people and catechists, scripture programs for Indigenous people, cross cultural experiences, retreats and prayer days for Indigenous people, personal development programs, a Drug & Alcohol Intervention Program and development programs for school staff.

Palm Island

521eThe Palm Island Community is situated 64 kms off the coast of Townsville accessible primarily by light aircraft. 97% of the Palm Island population is Aboriginal. The number of Catholics is about 1500, out of a total population of 2200. There is overcrowding in the public housing on the island.

Some of the funds assist in paying the stipends of Good Samaritan Sisters who work as Pastoral Associates on Palm Island, as well as the resident Parish Priest. Another part of the funds is for the re-engagement of a part-time Indigenous Parish Secretary/Ministry Coordinator. A Groundsman is also partly funded for the upkeep of the Parish.

The Parish provides many outreach services in collaboration with CentreCare, who operates from the Parish centre. The Parish Council has been formed with a younger membership to assist the Priest and Religious Sisters with the running of the parish, while remaining respectful to the parish elders.

Our Programs


Support Children


Children’s Mission Partners is our regular giving program for Catholic Mission's Work with Children.

Through our grassroots work we reach out to millions of children—the most vulnerable and those affected by injustice and poverty around the world. Many children still die prematurely and do not receive what we, as Australians, consider basic human rights. Countless suffer from hunger and become sick from malnutrition or preventable diseases; others face life on the street and lack the opportunity of a decent education.

Catholic Mission supports projects that provide holistic child development—physical, emotional and spiritual—and aims to feed, shelter, educate, and provide the vaccinations and healthcare that the children need. We believe it is the right of every child to be given as many opportunities as possible to grow and develop.

Become a Children’s Mission Partner from as little as $29 a month and provide the ongoing support that these special children need.


Examples of how Children's Mission Partners have helped children in need...


Vandoosha was sold into child labour, but she was rescued by Sister Clara.

Read more about her story.


Kasongo was malnourished and HIV positive but is now healthy and a proud leader in his community.
Read more about his story.

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Luisa was hungry but now recieves daily meals and education.

Read more about her story.

By becoming a Children’s Mission Partner your monthly donations will help entire communities and their children to break the cycle of poverty and find new hope.

Four times a year you will receive news and photos of the many children from around the world who you are helping.


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