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7 Circles of Peace




Seven Circles - A path to 'Life for All'

The World Council of Churches developed the concept 'The Seven Circles of Peace' (shown in the interactive slideshow below). It is a practical visualisation of how to go about creating a world where there is life and peace. The Village Space uses the Seven Circles to reinforce the need to act. They are:

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Religious and cultural
  • Local community
  • National
  • International
  • Ecological

To be a promoter of life for all people, you need to influence these same seven circles. You do this by creating a ripple effect.

That means it starts with you (the 'me' circle) and the personal desicions you make about how you will live your life.

If you choose to see all these areas as "your business", and choose to be an active promoter of life then the potential for bringing a "fullness of life" for all people is great.

If many people choose to do this then the dream becomes a reality.



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