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Yes, I would like to give life and a new future to the least of these children!

In the poorest and most disadvantaged communities of Cambodia, and other developing countries all across the world, children are always the most vulnerable.

Many cannot attend school because they have to care for their younger siblings while their parents work long hours to earn barely enough to survive. Some children are even forced to work themselves to help support the family.



$75 provides daily meals for 13 children for one week so they can receive vital nutrition to grow up healthy and strong, and to be able to focus and concentrate as they learn their ABCs.
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$528 pays for the stipend of one teacher for two months. Local teachers, who know the dialect and the culture of the communities, manage the educational programs, so they can interact better with the children for a more efficient formation.
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$400 allows 33 children coming from disadvantaged communities to receive an education for one year in literacy, health, hygiene, human rights and also to be provided with educational material such as stationery, books and notebooks.
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$1,440 covers the cost of equipment and training for one local teacher for one year so they can provide the best formation to children coming from disadvantaged communities and enable them to have a hope-filled future.
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