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Help give life where there is needless loss and grief

In July last year, as Evas went into labour, her only option to reach the nearest health facility was to travel for hours on the back of a motorbike. Living on the outskirts of the small rural town of Bujuni, three hours west of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, Evas did not have access to an ambulance, or a car for that matter.

Evas was not just holding on for her own life, but that of her unborn child. Distressingly, as day turned to night, Evas’ fear and uncertainty descended into unthinkable grief and her dream of finally becoming a mother soon became her worst nightmare. That night Evas gave birth to a beautiful son, however tragically, the impact from the long bumpy journey was too much, and after just two days in hospital, Evas’ baby boy died. Such needless loss and grief could have been prevented if Evas had been travelling in an ambulance rather than on a motorbike.



$75 enables one catechist to provide catechism lessons to the community, for one year, helping mothers and their families grow in their spiritual life. Click here to donate now.


Your own contribution towards building a convent where religious sisters like Sister Mary can live, eat, pray and reflect while they take a break from their vital work, including their work for mothers and babies. The total cost of building a convent is $34,800. Click here to donate now.


$450 covers the salary of a midwife for six months. Midwives are critical to ensure the safe delivery of babies and the sustained health outcomes of new mothers and their babies. Click here to donate now


Your own contribution toward the cost of an ambulance, ensuring that people in remote areas can reach health facilities in a safe and timely manner during labour and in the event of emergencies. The total cost of an ambulance is $71,504. Click here to donate now.

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