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Seminarian Appeal 2018


Pakistan is a country with diverse religious beliefs, with Catholics making up less than one percent of the population. Distressingly, there is a high level of religious tension in Pakistan, with many young Christians facing difficulty gaining a good education in a safe environment due to discrimination.

Thankfully, missionaries - including priests and seminarians - are working on the ground as pastoral leaders in these communities, and are sometimes seen as the conduit between the people and government.

A seminarian from Pakistan, Amoon Nathaniel, knew he wanted to become a priest to help his community maintain and grow their faith when he was 15 years old.

Amoon and his father stood on the roof of the presbytery, watching their church burning. The feeling of helplessness and sense of danger left him in tears. The next day Amoon and his fellow parishioners rallied around to begin to repair their church. “They were all crying and upset”, he said, “but they were determined not to be defeated by their fear.

Amoon shared with me that each day in Pakistan is a struggle for Christians, and priests are needed to guide and keep unity in faith. His fear is that without priests there would no longer be Christians in Pakistan.


“I want to see a developed Pakistan where above all religions, humanity should be respected.”


Amoon and Adil are young men full of hope and encouragement, who, like other seminarians in Pakistan, want to make a difference and help their local community to build a more peaceful and accepting society. You can help seminarians like them become pastoral leaders in the Church.


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