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If you are looking for the World Mission Appeal Kit, please click here.

The World Mission Appeal Kit includes:

  • Parish Resource
  • Appeal Poster
  • Appeal Envelopes
  • Parish Bulletins
  • Summary Forms

Please help the people of Papua New Guinea to
build a future free from domestic violence now!

Domestic violence is, sadly, not uncommon around the world. In recent years, Australia has raised awareness of domestic violence through significant campaigns. Unfortunately, progress can take a lot longer in developing countries, such as Papua New Guinea. In isolated and disadvantaged rural areas of Papua New Guinea that lack support networks, the effects of family violence are particularly devastating.

Thankfully, the Catholic Church is working closely with local people to reverse the dangerous trend of domestic violence that has troubled Papua New Guinea for decades. Two people from Papua New Guinea who have managed to escape domestic violence are Steven and Jacinta*. Click here to read more about their stories.

Non-tax $50

$50 provides nutritional meals to 40 children attending preschool for one week.

Donate now.

Non-tax $595

$595 covers the transport expenses to travel to one remote area to run advocacy training sessions for one week.

Donate now.

Tax $300

$300 covers the costs of educational materials for 30 people participating in training courses on sexual and gender-based violence for two weeks.

Donate now.

Tax $1,392

$1,392 covers the costs of running four two-week vocational skills training courses.


Donate now.

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