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Give a Live-Giving Gift today!

What are Life-Giving Gifts?

Life-Giving Gifts are a range of gift options representing the life-changing projects Catholic Mission supports around the world. By purchasing a Life-Giving Gift, you’ll have an interesting and meaningful gift for your loved one, while also supporting those in need.


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Purchasing a Life-Giving Gift as a present Life-Giving Gifts make perfect presents for your loved ones; they not only show care for the recipient, but also support those in need around the world. When purchasing gifts, you can choose to receive a printed card showing the gift which you can personalise; or, you may choose to receive an e-card, which can be sent on to a friend.

How you can purchase Life-Giving Gifts Gifts are split into two categories: tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible. Tax-deductible gifts support children and community projects such as food and water, health, education and social enterprise; and non-tax-deductible projects support faith formation activities such as the training of novices, seminarians and catechists; the construction or renovation of church buildings; and children’s catechism.