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On September 1st it’s Father’s Day, a day to express our thanks to those men who hold a special place in our hearts; whether they be our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, husbands or even our close friends, they are integral to our lives.

They are with us in good times and in bad, love us in their own unique way, and have made sacrifices in their lives to support us.

This Father’s Day celebrate the special men in your life, or honour their memory, by purchasing a Life-Giving Gift. This gift can be a sign of your love and gratitude for them, and will also go towards vital projects supporting children, communities and Church leaders around the world.

What are Life-Giving Gifts?

Life-Giving Gifts are a range of gift options representing the life-changing projects Catholic Mission supports around the world. By purchasing a Life-Giving Gift, you’ll have an interesting and meaningful gift for your loved one, while also supporting those in need.

Tax-deductible gift


Non-tax-deductible gift


Purchasing a Life-Giving Gift as a present Life-Giving Gifts make perfect presents for your loved ones; they not only show care for the recipient, but also support those in need around the world. When purchasing gifts, you can choose to receive a printed card showing the gift which you can personalise; or, you may choose to receive an e-card, which can be sent on to a friend.

How you can purchase Life-Giving Gifts Gifts are split into two categories: tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible. Tax-deductible gifts support children and community projects such as food and water, health, education and social enterprise; and non-tax-deductible projects support faith formation activities such as the training of novices, seminarians and catechists; the construction or renovation of church buildings; and children’s catechism.

Purchase a gift today!

Tax-deductible gifts support welfare and community-based development projects .

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Non-tax-deductible gifts can support faith formation projects.

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