Sister Mary And Nurse Simon Immunising An Infant St Luke Bujuni Health Centre

Sister Mary's St Luke Health Centre best in district

St Luke's Health Centre in Bujuni, Uganda has topped 81 other health centres to be named the best in its district after a recent survey.

The health centre, which featured in Catholic Mission's 2017 Church Appeal, was assessed by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and scored an 88.9 rating, the highest in the Kibaale District in the country's Western Province.

'This opens up another opportunity to receive additional funding from the Ministry of Health as well as aid from the World Bank,' reports Sister Mary Goretti, Sister-in-Charge at St Luke's.

Sister Mary, who visited Australia during the appeal last year, said the additional support is offered as part of a results-based funding program. 'The assessment targets governance and leadership, financial management, infrastructure, services, and medical tools.

'I would like to thank Catholic Mission for the support which has put St Luke Health Centre at another level.'

Sister Mary And Parish Community Members With New Ambulance Bujuni

Sister Mary with staff and community members in front of the ambulance delivered in January and funded by Catholic Mission. (Photo: Supplied)

Catholic Mission last year focused its major Church Appeal on the work of Sister Mary and her small staff at St Luke's. The primary need was for an ambulance, mainly to prevent pregnant women risking their lives to get to the health centre for delivery.

Funds raised through the appeal were allocated to the purchase of an ambulance, along with other vital equipment including a humidicrib and ultrasound machine. Extensions to the maternity ward are ongoing.

The successful assessment means not only supplementary funding, but training of additional staff for the health centre, which specialises in maternal health and also offers dental and immunisation programs.

'This is wonderful news for St Luke's, Sister Mary, and the community of Bujuni,' said Catholic Mission's International Programs Coordinator Godwin Yidana. 'We are proud to have supported the health centre with funding and project management to a point where they can now independently seek and attain funding at a local level.

'As a result, women, men and children in the Bujuni community are able to access increasingly effective health services and education in an environment that also respects their faith needs.'

Sister Mary thanks Australia

Sister Mary thanks Australian supporters for their help in securing an ambulance for her St Luke Health Centre

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