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About the Seminary

The National Major Seminary of St Joseph was founded to educate candidates for the priesthood of the Catholic Church in Myanmar. The education provided encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, human and pastoral formation of its students.

Father Cyprian Aung Win, the rector at St Joseph’s, sees the role of the Church in fostering a climate of peace through stronger inter-religious relationships. ‘The Catholic Church is playing a leading role in ecumenical dialogue, which is so important for peaceful coexistence in this country—something we are not currently enjoying.’

The 142 young men at St Joseph’s who will one day take up this responsibility represent virtually every state in Myanmar. Despite different backgrounds, they all share a desire to be leaders for peace in their parishes.

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Meet a Seminarian

Brother Pius is a third-year theology student from Kyauk Tan, two hours north-east of Yangon. His favourite scripture is Job 2:10, part of which reads, ‘Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad?’

Pius’ appreciation of this verse stems from an early life lesson about overcoming adversity. After he lost his mother as a five-year-old and eventually left a broken home as a teenager to live with his older sister, he nearly lost all hope. ‘I could no longer support my education. I felt my ambition was destroyed,’ he recalls. ‘I wanted to pray to a god, but I didn’t know which god.’

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Brother Pius

Soon after, a Catholic priest came to his village and was told Pius’ story. The teenager decided then and there to follow the priest and join the seminary. ‘I just knew I wanted to support poor children and their education,’ he says.

That was nearly fifteen years ago. Now, with ordination in sight, Pius aspires to work to build a more united Myanmar. ‘If we communicate and pray with the community and non-government organisations that support us, we can deal with the problems we are facing, like the civil war and the standard of education,’ he says.

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Brother Pius enjoying breakfast after dawn mass

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How you can make a difference

Your donation will help to support the seminary with essential learning and formation materials, and assistance with tuition fees and vestments. They can also study in an adequate learning environment, thanks to necessary upgrades to the seminary’s infrastructure and resources through the Society of St Peter the Apostle.
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